Figured I’d make another post.

I know I initially had a ton of posts come out in a relatively short amount of time, but things will invariably speed up (like they were when I first started this) and will slow down (as they have done right now).

  1. Right now, I’m working hard to get my MFA in creative writing through the Stonecoast program in Maine. I have a ton of work to do for it and so I will only be able to pop on here at random times until it’s finished for the month.
  2. My cousin is borrowing my X-Box 360, which also acted as my DVD player. I am borrowing his Wii but it can’t play DVD’s, so I can’t watch as many movies as I do normally. Therefore, not a ton of reviews until I can watch new ones. Right now, I’m wading through my old movie collection and that’s why there are a lot of ★★★★★ – rated reviews up…because if I tend to own a movie that means I bought it because I liked it. Make sense?

So, anyway, whenever I can put stuff up I will.

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Liar!!!! -throws pie- We want results. Oh wait, is this the meeting spot for people who eat children? My bad, I am in the wrong place. I will just… kind… of… go this way. Thanks!

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