About the JOE Review system

For my reviews, whether they are video games, books, movies, music albums, television shows…ANYTHING….I will be using a star system. It’s a system that everyone knows or can kind of get the gist of, but just in case there is any misunderstanding about it, I will now give a run down on what the reviews actually mean to me, personally.

  • JOE Review: ★ – One star is the worst review I can give. This will be a rare score but it essentially means I hate it. A LOT…and I only read/watched/played/listened to it long enough so that I could give a review on it.
  • JOE Review: ★★ – Two stars is also probably going to be pretty rare. It just means I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t hate it and it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen.
  • JOE Review: ★★★ – Three stars is probably likely to be the most common of the five scores. It’s average, run-of-the-mill. It means that It was okay, but it wasn’t amazing. Essentially most things in life are this way, anyway. It’s just something to pass the time.
  • JOE Review: ★★★★ – Four stars will be sort of as rare as the two stars are. Four stars means that it was pretty exceptional but that something, some flaw, prevented it from rising above and becoming amazing.
  • JOE Review: ★★★★★ – Five stars is the best review I can give. This is a rare score, but not quite as rare as only one star. What five stars means, to me, is that I enjoyed it and it’s pretty much perfect in my eyes. No big detracting mistakes, just pure enjoyment.

Anyway, I hope that clears things up.

Back to the blogging!


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