How Super Nintendo’s Chrono Trigger Proves That Video Games Are Art

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  • Share your own Chrono Trigger stories in the comment section below.
  • How has this or another video game moved you as a work of art?

Many people will tell you that video games are not, and can not be art. The Guardian (UK) wrote a piece about it. The late Roger Ebert also. Search Google and find countless opinion pieces in which people propose all sorts of ways in which video games shouldn’t be considered art. Some of the reasons are simple, such as the Guardian’s claims that since video games don’t originate from one source, they cannot be artwork. Others are more heavy-handed in describing ways in which “high” art can make one think and feel where a game simply can’t.

Well, I’m here to tell you that video games ARE art. Not all of them, just as not all the things they hang…

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