Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks for all the views, likes, and comments on my review blog. I hope that if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you eat lots of good food and spend time with friends and/or loved ones.

I have some reviews coming up soon. One for a novel or two I’ve finished, a couple new PS3 game reviews, some movies, at least one restaurant in the Portland, Maine area (maybe two) – and who knows what else is in store. Thank you for your continued support!

I'm very thankful for Pizza! (Hint - this was taken at a restaurant I'm reviewing soon!)

I’m very thankful for Pizza! (Hint – this was taken at a restaurant I’m reviewing soon!)

Still Alive

Still Alive

So, just so everyone is aware, I am – in fact – still alive. I haven’t posted much because I literally haven’t had time. I am supposed to get my MFA in July but I still have a lot of work to do and I have deadlines to do it by. So, while I do have a backlog of reviews to give on various things – I won’t be doing them until I make a little headway.

I did my taxes, got my car pretty much fixed and finally got a new laptop cord so that my laptop essentially functions like new again.

The reviews, they are-a-coming….but until then – here’s me in a steampunk eye patch.


So, I’ve been thinking about what this blog is.

For me, it’s sort of been a way for me to write as often as I can (if not every day) as well as to showcase my love for all things pop culture.

In a lot of ways, I’ve grown in my ability to write as well as review. That is due to me being with my MFA writing program for the past couple of years but also because I’ve reviewed quite a bit of material (and I have a lot of stuff backlogged, to boot).

So…this leaves me thinking, as I said above – what is this blog?

Well, it’s a review blog for the average person, for the “average joe”. Whenever I search for a review on something online, I don’t want an insane, in-depth critical analysis unless I’ve already read it, already watched it or already played it. This is why my reviews are so to-the-point. I wanted someone to find my blog, search for something they perhaps want to see or play or read and quickly judge whether or not it might be worth the time.

However, I do feel that my reviews could pack a little more punch. This is why I might go through and update some of the older reviews. Also, I may be adding more content than before to future reviews. If it’s a book, I could provide links to a sample of the book’s pages and/or a link on where it could easily be purchased. If it’s a film or video game, I might provide more screen shots and/or trailers.

I’ll be posting some more reviews soon!


I wasn’t at home yesterday and most of the day before so I didn’t get to post any reviews. My original plan was to post at least one review from a lovey-dovey movie because of Valentine’s Day, and I will still do that (Vanilla Sky, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind….or both), but it’s just going to be late.

Hope everyone had a good (or at least sarcastic) V-Day. I know I sure drank a lot. 🙂